Butcher Finish Ninth In National Championship

Lenox Bucher of Penn Sailing Club managed to finish in ninth in national championship Laser Performance, women’s singlehanded.

It is the best ever finish of Quakers at any national competition. And the entire tournament was very competitive.

When Butcher qualified for this tournament, her path was not easy; there were tough competitors present in the championship and her start in completion was not impressive too. When Bucher’s starting performances went poorly, she was on her downside, but then she recollected her confidence and entered in championship with more concentration.

It is also a fact that in collegiate sailing, the participant who starts good had high chances of winning. Instead, here consistence performance is the key for winning the championship and Butcher was aware of this fact. (more…)

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RSrnYC Hosts J/80 Class Worlds

The Royal Southern Yacht Club (RSrnYC) will be hosting the J/80 Class World Championships next year from the 10th to the 14th of July 2017. The Notice of race was published by this club a couple of days back. It is organizing this World Championships along with the J/80 UK Class Association.

The Hamble based club is looking at 50 entries for the race and as many as 30 have already expressed their interest to take part in the J/80 Class World Championships next year. All the boats that will be taking part in the event will have to maroon at the Prince Philip Yacht Heaven by the 7th of July 2017. (more…)

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Snipe Don Q Rum Keg Regatta’s 50th celebration

37 teams from Peru, Italy, Finland, the Bahamas, and the United States competed in the fiftieth Snipe Don Q Rum Keg Regatta on 18th to 20th March. A 5th spot finish in the regatta’s final race was enough for Claudia Loiacono and Ernesto Rodriguez of Miami to hold off the challenge of Andre Guanragna and Jensen McTighe of Ft. Lauderdale for the victory.

Winning the last race, Jessica Chafin and Augie Diaz of Miami allowed them to move up 1 spot to end 3rd just ahead of Maddy McGrath an Randy Lake of San Diego. Ft. Lauderdale’s Peter and Connie Commette of were fifth in the ranking. (more…)

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Yacht thief caught after sailing into force 8 storm

A man has been put behind the bars after setting out to the sea in a yacht with no prior sailing experience. Cathal Matthew sailed fifty miles out to sea after slipping the £6000 yacht from Portknockie Harbour.

At last, he ended up having to be saved when he got grounded in a fierce gale force 8 storm in the Moray Firth. The weather was very bad. Therefore, the coastguard teams settled not to put any crews at risk saving him in stormy sea atmospheric condition that were getting rougher and rougher. After drifting out to an oil field next to a rig, he dealt to have the attention of a captain of a ship that took him on board the vessel to safety harbor home.

On Thursday, at Elgin Sheriff Court, Matthew admitted that he stole the Tradewind as well as a car. Fiscal depute Kevin Corrins stated that Matthew, stole a £17000 silver Audi S5 after he took it for a test drive.

On 14th November, he left the Inverurie region and drove the car around Aberdeenshire before going to Portknockie in Moray. He dumped the car there. He then took off with a yacht from the harbor and set out on the sea. The captain of a standby ship later seen him was in difficulty about thirty-five miles east of Wick.

A rescue craft was introduced to help Matthews. When the boat reached the thief, he said its crew that he stole the yacht and he wanted to get off it.

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