Sails Restaurant To Launch In Third And Fifth In Naples

The owners of a new coastal restaurant of European-style want to flip perceptions of Fifth Avenue South in the downtown Naples.

Though the this spectacular and iconic avenue is considered commonly to start at the U.S. 41’s Four Corners and extends itself west to the beach, the Sails Restaurant owners say, the upscale shops of local parade, residences and dining spots actually start at the Gulf of Mexico.

“In the whole world, all the major and vital streets begins from the beach,” said Veljko Pavicevic, who co-owns Sails with fiancée Corinne Ryan; it is in redeveloped space on the corner of the north east of Fifth Avenue South and the Third Street South.

“We travel a lot and we love to travel, everywhere in the world, entire Fifth avenues begin near the beach, where there is a beach. So we strongly feel that we are the initial of the Fifth Avenue.”

Sails, which delayed nearly four weeks due to Irma Hurricane, is set to open by Christmas in the previous American Momentum Bank space at the 301 Fifth Ave. So, it is one of over a dozen buildings in Old Naples, which is owned by Real Estate Hoffmann Commercial, real estate holding company of the St. Louis-based.

“We are delighted that a good number of restaurants are coming to Fifth Avenue. And we realize that both the Fifth and the Third of our streets, are the Naples crown jewel and there thus this place should have a number of restaurants and more numbers of happening event, and also more hospitality,” Said, Pavicevic said.

“This is the Naples heart, Pavicevic take it a place that Sails will be present near The French and Bice Ristorante across the street because more area of businesses means additional traffic as well as the potential guests.”